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SKiiP®4 product range

SKiiP®4 product range

2 - 3 times higher power cycling capability

2 - 3 times higher power cycling capability

Sinter Technology


  • 5 % improvement in total thermal resistance thanks to silver layer
  • Unbreakable joint between die and DCB
  • High melting point at > 900° C (4 x higher than standard solder) - no solder fatigue


IGBT 4 and CAL4F Technology


  • Tj, max = 175° C, the key to higher current capability

5 x higher temperature cycling

5 x higher temperature cycling

New pressure contact design


  • Low-inductive design
  • Improved homogenous current distribution


Robust mechanical design


  • High resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations

Benefits of SKiiP®4 driver

Function and self-protection

  • Digital signal transmission for high signal integrity and noise immunity
  • All switching and sensor signals are safety isolated
  • Multi-output stage for soft switching behaviour and low over-voltage
  • HALT interface for fast error reaction between SKiiPs
  • CANopen based diagnosis channel with error recorder


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