Education & Training

  -  Investment in the future

Staff make success happen

That’s why it is vital that we never cease to promote and train our staff. Annual review sessions held between each member of staff and his/her superior serve to establish where further training might be needed and development potential exists. Need-based measures ranging from specialisation-based training programmes to general staff promotion schemes are the key to securing corporate success in the future and helping our staff move up the career ladder.

Chamber of Industry & Commerce qualifications

Parallel to working at SEMIKRON, staff who do not have a formal qualification can take part in the initiative “I want a profession!”, a training programme leading to a Chamber of Industry and Commerce qualification in machine and systems operation. The participants are granted paid leave of absence for a total of 125 days. This scheme is held at regular intervals, resulting in higher staff qualification levels. This training scheme was the result of cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency, ffw GmbH, the European Education and Training Centre in Nuremberg and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Education & Training

Investment in the future

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