Energy savings

  -  State-of-the-art technology helps save the planet

Wind generator and solar inverter

With every SEMIKRON component used in a wind or solar power installation, we are contributing to sustainable power generation. Effective climate protection, however, calls for more than environmentally sound power generation. In fact, every day vast amounts of energy are lost to the environment, since only 5% of the electric drives and motors in operation today feature speed control, in other words power electronics, despite the fact that these drives account for around 70% of the total industrial power consumption. According to the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, this huge loss of energy could be reduced to around 30% of its current value by using variable-speed drives.

The key to energy savings: electric and hybrid vehicles

Today, as many as 3,500 hybrid-drive buses and 500,000 electric forklifts feature SEMIKRON technology. The fuel consumption of these hybrid-drive buses is on average 30% less than in conventional buses. This is down to the fact that the power electronics help reduce the energy losses that occur during acceleration and deceleration.

Energy savings

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