Family & Children

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Family-friendly family business

As a family business, we place great importance on creating a family-friendly work environment. SEMIKRON partakes voluntarily in the "Work and the Family" audit of the Hertie Foundation which is recommended by leading German trade boards BDA, BDI, DIHK and ZDH. The "Work and the Family" audit is overseen by the German Ministry for Family Affairs and the Ministry for Economics and Technology. This audit is not a one-off check on the status quo within the enterprise, but rather an ongoing process that lasts several years. Those whose certification is renewed after three years can confidently lay claim to having a duly recognised personnel policy that is both family-friendly and sustainable

Children and flexi-time

We want to be able to support our employees and provide child care during working hours. We also support work initiatives such as flexi-time, as well as extended maternity leave coupled with further training programmes or work-at-home schemes. During maternity leave, for example, we retain close contact to our staff, which can facilitate the return to work greatly. During a visit by the then German Minister for Family Affairs, Ursula von der Leyen, was impressed by what we have to offer on this front. 

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Family & Children

Pro-family and flexible

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