Innovative training policy

  -  visit from the German President

German President Horst Köhler takes a look at SEMIKRON

The occasion: a further education and training project for low-skilled and un-skilled employees backed by the German Employment Agency.

March 2008 – Parallel to working at SEMIKRON, our staff may also take part in the initiative “I want a profession!”, a training programme leading to a Chamber of Commerce qualification in machine and systems operation. This training scheme was the result of cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency, ffw GmbH, the European Education and Training Centre in Nuremberg and the Chamber of Commerce. The 22 participants are granted paid leave of absence for a total of 125 days. A second group is to start training in October. According to Andreas Dauer, Head of Corporate Development, “we are improving employee qualifications, which results in greater flexibility as regards the areas of activity they can work in.”  

In the pervious business year, SEMIKRON enjoyed immense growth, doubling its turnover to 430 million euros within 4 years. The main growth factors for the global power semiconductor manufacturer with 35 subsidiaries in 27 countries and 10 production locations were new technologies for use in the area of renewable energy. In 10 years, the number of employees at the HQ in Germany has more than tripled. At present, 1,350 talents are employed at the HQ in Germany; globally, the staff count amounts to 3,000.

The company expanded its production sites over a period of 2 years, investing a total of over 100 million euro. 65 million euro of this went into the company’s headquarters in Nuremberg, where the main aim was to double chip production capacity and further expand the area of new technologies. In keeping with this, we are always on the look out for engineers with pioneer spirit to quickly take on key areas of responsibility within the company; instrumental here is the development of products for emerging markets such wind and solar power and hybrid and electric drives, frequency converters in electric drives, industrial drives and power supply units.

Today, SEMIKRON technology can be found in as much as 43% of the wind turbines in operation worldwide; this is equivalent to 31 GW of installed wind power or the power produced by around 13 (Biblis-grade) nuclear power plants. In the area of power modules for electric drives, which account for 70% of industrial energy consumption, turnover has gone up by 30%. The use of power electronics for variable-speed drive control can result in energy savings of 30% (Source: Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry in Germany (ZVEI), 11/2007).

Besides innovative training policy, SEMIKRON also pursues a modern-day family policy. Testimony to the recognition of the family-conscious and innovative HR policy at SEMIKRON is the opening of the on-site daycare centre MIKRO by German Minister for Family Affairs Dr. Ursula von der Leyen and Bavarian Interior Minister Dr. Günther Beckstein in 2007, not to mention Nuremberg Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly’s honouring of the company’s ranking in the nationwide competition “Success Factor Family” and the visit by German President Köhler.

Innovative training policy

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