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We set standards, not imitate them

With this philosophy, SEMIKRON has impressed its customers again and again, developing innovative future-oriented technology such as its innovative spring contact system or the first 100% solder-free power module.

The employee is on focus

Our success is down to our enthusiastic staff, who dare to explore unfamiliar territories. And personal responsibility is the key term. Freedom of decision and mutual appreciation on the part of our employees is the secret of our success.

Family enterprise 

SEMIKRON is the only company among its immediate competitors to remain in the hands of the founding family. The company was founded in 1951 by Dr. Friedrich Josef Martin. Peter Martin and Dr. Heinrich Heilbronner, son and son-in-law of the founder and long-standing general managers, further developed the global sales and production growth. The "SEMIKRON Family" is one of the prevailing principles in the business philosophy we uphold.

Help for families: child care and more

To make sure that the little ones in our family do not lose out, we have initiated a number of projects to help working mums and dads find a healthy balance between work and parenting. Our childcare centre has flexible opening hours and provides professional care for employees’ children. As for the bigger brothers and sisters, they can join their parents at the many family events organised by our action team.

Family & Children

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Education & Training

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Social Commitment

The SEMIKRON Foundation was set up…

SEMIKRON Semiconductors

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SEMIKRON Certifications

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