-  Fast one-screw mounting

MiniSKiiP Characteristics

  • Pure pressure spring contact module
  • DBC mounted directly to heat-sink, no copper base-plate
  • Latest chip technologies in 600V & 1200V
  • Current range 4A to 150A for inverter range up to 45kVA
  • Topologies: Converter-Inverter-Brake, 6-pack, bridge rectifiers


  • Low cost assembly, high production run rate, high yield
  • Small and compact inverter design
  • High reliability and long product life time

Saves up to 60% assembly time


Spring technology supports good PCB utilization



  •  Vias limit the PCB design. With press or solder pins space is lost for pin holes in every layer of the board.
  •  The MiniSKiiP® spring contacts allow easy PCB routing for multi-layer PCBs.


Fast one-screw mounting


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