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SEMIKRON and LS Industrial Systems team up

Two global players combine their strengths to offer state of the art power electronics solutions for industrial drives and consumer appliances worldwide.


Seoul, October 19, 2007 SEMIKRON International, the world leader in diode/thyristor power modules and expert in power module packaging, and LS Industrial Systems Korea, former LG Industrial Systems, a leading manufacturer of factory automation products are teaming up to develop and deliver power electronic solutions for the industrial drives and consumer market. The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding combining their expertise to offer LSIS integrated power modules based on SEMIKRON’s MiniSKiiP IGBT-platform.


The cooperation creates new opportunities for both companies. LSIS will be adapting the SEMIKRON integrated power modules with pressure contact technology to be promoted to the industrial and appliance market.  The MiniSKiiP power module platform will allow for faster development and the lower production costs. SEMIKRON will be adapting the control technologies of LSIS to develop application specific systems. The new MiniSKiiP modules from LSIS and SEMIKRON are set to address the rapidly growing demand for more integrated high-power platforms in a wide range of applications, including LCD and Plasma Display Panel.


 “Making these integrated modules enables us to compete in the power electronics market and thereby establishing our position in the consumer industry,” said Chung-Man Kim, Vice Chairman and CEO at LS Industrial Systems. “We believe combining our knowledge in power electronic modules and controller technologies will strengthen both companies’ positions in world power electronics market in the future,” says Peter Frey, General Manager at SEMIKRON International.” “This will be the start of a long-term relationship,” he concluded.


Photo: Peter Frey, General Manager at SEMIKRON International and Chung-Man Kim, Vice Chairman and CEO at LS Industrial Systems sign the memorandum of understanding.


About SEMIKRON: Founded in 1951, German-based SEMIKRON is a family enterprise that employs 2,700 people worldwide. SEMIKRON comprises of a global network of 35 companies that guarantees a fast and competent on-site customer care.  According to a study carried out by IMS, a leading Market Research Institute, SEMIKRON is the market leader in the field of Diode/Thyristor modules, enjoying a 30% share of the worldwide market. SEMIKRON’s product range consists of 21000 different power semiconductors including chips, discrete diodes/thyristors, power modules (IGBT / MOSFET / diode / thyristor), driver and protection components and integrated subsystems. “SEMIKRON inside“ has become a trade mark for industrial applications such as electric drives, wind power generators, solar, electric vehicles, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, conveyor belts and trams.  As a significant innovator in the power electronics sector, many of SEMIKRON’s progressive developments have been accepted as industrial standards. The expertise of the Solution Centres from each continent is combined into a unique network, to develop and manufacture subsystems designed for specific applications and requirements. For more information, visit


About LS Industrial Systems: Established in 1974, formerly known as LGIS, LS Industrial Systems is currently the market leader in industrial electric power and automation sectors in Korea. The electric equipments and systems division of LS Industrial Systems provide service in low, medium, high voltage; metering, protection and measurement, (high voltage equipment) and systems, low and medium voltage switchgears, and transformer. The Automation division provides PLC, inverters, monitoring units, process control system, ITS (Intelligent Transport System), railway signing and control system. For continuous growth even in the future, LS Industrial Systems is investing into new business area such as Power semiconductors, RFID and PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) for solar energy and automotives. For more information, visit



SEMIKRON and LS Industrial Systems team up

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