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SEMIKRON Group growth reaches all-time high of 30%

For the year 2006, SEMIKRON International boasted record turnover growth of 30%, plus a 136% growth in the sector SEMiX IGBT semiconductor modules, which are used primarily in variable speed drives.


Nuremberg, 15th February 2007 – SEMIKRON International has reached a 30% turnover increase for the business year 2006. At the same time - according to the market study “The worldwide market for power semiconductors 2006“ conducted by IMS Research - the business sector semiconductor modules is estimated  to have grown by around 10% within the same period. The main driving force behind this growth was Europe thanks to high export figures. Investments in key Asian markets also delivered above-average growth rates and were regarded as instrumental in this turnover increase.


“These high growth rates allow us to make further investments and push ahead with new technological developments to help boost our growth markets,“ explains Peter Frey,  General Manager at SEMIKRON International, confidently.


The SEMiX semiconductor module, which is used in 15kW-150kW drives, found market success rapidly, boasting a 136% increase in turnover in 2006. According to the German Ministry of Environment, electric drives account for around 70% of total power consumption in Germany. The use of semiconductors, i.e. electronic speed control, has cut consumption by approximately one quarter. Drive manufacturers valued SEMIX modules because of their excellent performance and the solder-free, spring contact driver assembly.


Another factor that contributed to the record-breaking growth figures at SEMIKRON is the use of regenerative energies. According to the European Renewable Energy Council, by the year 2030 renewable energies will cover more than 35% of energy needs worldwide. In fact, the SKiiP module, an IGBT semiconductor module featuring cooling, gate driver and protective functions optimised for wind power applications, has already shown growth rates of 85%. Against the backdrop of a dynamically growing market, these intelligent integrated modules are ideal for use in wind generators and reduce production times and, consequently, the time to market. Today, as much as 57% of the world’s variable-speed wind generators feature SEMIKRON technology.


In the automotive market, the fastest growing sectors include off-road electric vehicles such as fork lift trucks, hybrid vehicles and electric busses. SEMIKRON is the leading partner in these markets, developing customised semiconductor systems.


Another potential growth booster in the drives market is the latest development SEMiSTART, a semiconductor module designed specifically for soft-start devices. Thanks to the ultra compact design of this antiparallel thyristor module, a 400kW soft-start device featuring SEMiSTART has just one sixth of the volume of the same device with conventional capsule thyristors. Plus, due to pressure contact technology and double-sided chip cooling, these modules can withstand overload currents of up to 3000 A for an overload duration of 20s.


Photo 1: Peter Frey, General Manager, SEMIKRON International

Photo 2: SEMiSTART, an antiparallel thyristor module specially designed for soft-start devices.


About SEMIKRON: Founded in 1951, German-based SEMIKRON is a family enterprise that employs 2,700 people worldwide. SEMIKRON comprises of a global network of 35 companies that guarantees a fast and competent on-site customer care.  According to a study carried out by IMS, a leading Market Research Institute, SEMIKRON is the market leader in the field of Diode/Thyristor modules, enjoying a 30% share of the worldwide market.


SEMIKRON’s product range consists of 21000 different power semiconductors including chips, discrete diodes/thyristors, power modules (IGBT / MOSFET / diode / thyristor), driver and protection components and integrated subsystems. “SEMIKRON inside“ has become a trade mark for industrial applications such as electric drives, wind power generators, solar, electric vehicles, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, conveyor belts and trams.  As a significant innovator in the power electronics sector, many of SEMIKRON’s progressive developments have been accepted as industrial standards. The expertise of the Solution Centres from each continent is combined into a unique network, to develop and manufacture subsystems designed for specific applications and requirements.


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SEMIKRON Group growth reaches all-time high of 30%

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