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The first vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules

Mechanical and environmental protection


SEMIKRON introduces SEMISEAL, the first vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules, ensuring more secure and easier handling. The packaging provides proven mechanical and environmental protection from harmful influences such as humidity, corrosive elements and dust, but also from shock and vibration.


The power modules are vacuum-sealed between a plastic film and adhesive coated paperboard. After production, the module is immediately sealed using a close-fitting transparent foil on one side and coated paperboard on the other side. The packaging stays intact during stock handling and transport. In comparison to standard packaging, SEMISEAL provides a seal of integrity for the customer. The quality of the module is ensured until the packaging is opened by the customer.


The transparency of the state-of-the-art packaging allows for a visual quality check, inspection by customs and data matrix reading for module identification. SEMISEAL packaging allows for different quantities of one module type to be included in a single package that is perforated to allow for easy separation of the modules in given quantities as needed. Fast unpacking is simply done by first lifting and taking away the cardboard and then removing the film by pressing down the cardboard template.


SEMISEAL packaging has undergone rigorous tests to check resistance to environmental influences such as humidity and temperature swings of between -40°C and 85°C.  Two hundred and forty hours of tests are testimony to the quality edge that SEMISEAL has over standard packaging.


The paperboard and ionomer plastic film used for SEMISEAL are environment-friendly and recyclable. The vacuum-sealed packaging units for SEMIPACK 2 and SEMITRANS 2 weigh approximately 50% less than standard packaging units.


The packaging will start in the second half of 2010 as the new protection packaging for SEMITRANS 2, 3 and 4, as well as SEMIPACK 1 and 2. Other module ranges are to follow.



 SEMISEAL, the first vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules, ensuring more secure and easier handling.



   Semikron is an internationally leading power semiconductor manufacturer. Founded in 1951, the German-based family enterprise employs 3200 people worldwide. Semikron comprises a global network of 35 companies with production plants in China, Korea, India, South Africa, Brazil, USA, Italy, France, Slovakia and Germany that guarantees fast and competent on-site customer care.



 The products range from chips, discrete semiconductors, transistor, diode and thyristor power modules to customer specific solutions and integrated power electronic systems for applications from one kilowatt into the Megawatt range. Semikron is the market leader in the field of diode/thyristor semiconductor modules, enjoying a 37% share of the worldwide market. (Source: IMS Research „The worldwide market for power semiconductor discretes and modules“2008).



Semikron technology powers nearly half of the globally installed wind power capacity. According to a survey carried out by BTM Consult ApS, the total wind power capacity installed until 2009 was 122 Gigawatts. 57 Gigawatts comprise semiconductors from Semikron. “Semikron inside” has become a trademark for markets such as industrial drives, power supplies, renewable energy, battery vehicles and the rail industry. In 2009 Semikron formed a 50/50 joint venture with Magna Electronics to develop and produce inverters and chargers for electric and hybrid vehicles. As a significant innovator in the power electronics sector, many of Semikron’s progressive developments have been accepted as industrial standards.

The first vacuum-sealed packaging for power modules

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