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Unique burn-in tests for IPMs

SKiiP Intelligent Power Modules are now even more reliable with unique burn-in tests under worst case real inverter conditions.


Nuremberg, 10th November 2008 - The well-known high operational reliability of the SKiiP IPM´s is further stressed and tested during unique burn-in tests only offered by SEMIKRON. Compared to suppliers of standard modules, this test is possible because of the high integration of the module. The power semiconductor, gate driver, current sensors, protective functions and matched cooling are already integrated in the IPM. SKiiP is the only intelligent power module in this power range for the wind market. During the burn-in test the module is operated in a one or four-quadrant modus and tested at elevated temperature and elevated voltage. The test ensures higher reliability of the inverter in the wind power plant.


SKiiPs are operated for approximately two hours under worst case real inverter conditions at elevated temperature and elevated voltage. All root causes of early failures are identified and eliminated. SKiiP undergoes one of two burn-in cycles. The modules are tested with cooling water at 80° C and cycling at a constant chip temperature. Junction temperature of the silicon reaches temperatures of up to 140° (IGBT3) to ensure high stress levels for the module.


The SKiiP IPM´s now powers 44 Gigawatt installed wind power capacity. The total wind power capacity installed is 94 Gigawatt. (Source: BTM Consult ApS, 03/2008) More than 15 years of experience in pressure contact technology is integrated into this power module. The principle of the technology is to use mechanical pressure pressing the DBC to the heat sink without soldering. This results in a homogenous pressure distribution with a thermal connection between the ceramic substrates carrying the semiconductor chips and the heat sink. An improved thermal resistance (Rth(j-s)) of 40% is reached compared to standard modules. SKiiP® has no base plate and less solder layers resulting in lower thermal-mechanical stress inside the module. The thermal cycling capability is five times higher than a standard module with base plate and is reached even under the harsh climatic conditions renowned in the wind energy industry. High load and temperature cycling capability is ensured with the patented SKiiP® pressure contact technology. The module is available in 1200V and 1700V for currents from 500A to 2400A.


According to the European Renewable Energy Council, renewable energies will cover more than 35% of energy needs worldwide by the year 2030. Against the backdrop of a dynamically growing market, these intelligent integrated modules are ideal for use in wind generators and reduce production times and, consequently, the time to market.


Photo: SKiiP is the only intelligent power module for the wind market with power semiconductor, gate driver, current sensors, protective functions and matched cooling already integrated.


About SEMIKRON: Founded in 1951, German-based SEMIKRON is a family enterprise that employs 3000 people worldwide. SEMIKRON comprises of a global network of 35 companies that guarantees fast and competent on-site customer care.  According to a study carried out by IMS, a leading Market Research Institute, SEMIKRON is the market leader in the field of diode/thyristor modules, enjoying a 37% share of the worldwide market.


Products: SEMIKRON’s product range consists of 21,000 different power semiconductors, including chips, discrete diodes/thyristors, power modules (IGBT / MOSFET / diode / thyristor), driver and protection components and integrated subsystems.


Applications: “SEMIKRON inside” has become a trade mark for young developing markets such as electric drives, wind power generators, solar power, electric vehicles, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, conveyor belts and trams.  As a significant innovator in the power electronics sector, many of SEMIKRON’s progressive developments have been accepted as industrial standards.


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Unique burn-in tests for IPM´s

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