-  For solder-free assemblies

SEMiX IGBT modules with new chip technology

Rugged and secure
The IGBT4 chip and the freewheeling diode CAL4 offer a higher maximum junction temperature of 175 ºC. The temperature safety margin especially for critical overload conditions is hereby increased.

Compared to the former chip generation, the increased power density of the new IGBT4 guarantees a SEMiX® module with a 50% higher output current and a better price performance ratio. 

Standard PCB
  • FR4 is suitable as PCB material
  • Tin (Sn) is recommended as surface metallization for the spring landing pads. Nickel with a gold flash (Ni+Au) can also be used.

Extensive quality and reliability tests
  • Highly corrosive atmosphere tests (e.g. 10 ppm H2S at 75% relative humidity)
  • Pre-aged PCB tests
  • Severe shock and vibration tests (up to 30 x 9,81 m/s2)

Suitable driver
  • Evaluation boards for all SEMiX® IGBT modules


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