-  Versatile high power inverter platform

SKiiPRACK platform

  • Application power range from 150 kVA to 3 MVA
  • High power density >12 kVA/litre in 3 MVA configuration 
  • Four quadrant configuration with paralleled SKiiP® modules can be realized by connecting inverters side by side
  • Available as separate phase cell assemblies for cabinet integration by the customer or pre-installed in cabinet
  • Applications: AC/DC drives, wind power, industrial power supplies

Modular phase cell assembly

  • 1200 V or 1700 V SKiiP® IPM modules mounted on cooling plate
  • Electrolytic or polypropylene capacitor bank
  • Rack with sliding mechanism for easy access
  • Front or rear AC connections
  • Available configurations - half bridge, single phase bridge and full 3-phase bridge
  • SKiiP® can be connected in parallel for higher output power

SKiiPRACK quality and reliability

  • Rigorous design and qualification process
  • Comprehensive dual-level production tests for SKiiP® and SKiiPRACKTM
  • Optional burn-in test for SKiiP® and SKiiPRACKTM
  • RoHS compliant


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