-  SPRING, SKiiP and SiNTER

SEMIKRON sets standards

Our SPRiNG, SKiiP and SiNTER technologies have made us one of today’s global leaders in technology.

  • SPRiNG Technology: complex solder bonds are cut down on. Spring contacts provide electrical connection to the controller.


  • SKiiP Technology: reduces the number of solder layers, and no copper base plate is needed. The modules have 25% lower thermal resistance than soldered modules.


  • SiNTER Technology: the solder layer between DBC and chip is replaced by cold-welded silver bonds, making the module 100% solder-free.

  • SKiN Technology: Wire bond-free,Reliable and space-saving packaging technology for power semiconductors, Free from thermal paste and solder,10 x higher power cycling, Current density of power unit doubled: 3 A/cm2, For 35% smaller inverters


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