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Certified family-friendliness at SEMIKRON

In August 2007 SEMIKRON Deutschland was certified a family-friendly company within the framework of the work and family audit. The successful re-certification in 2010 once again underlines the strong commitment made by the family business in the area of family friendliness.

SEMIKRON – the role model

For some time now, SEMIKRON has been exemplary in its efforts to achieve a good balance between work and the family, even beyond the borders of the HQ in Nuremberg. In the past, this was seen through the company’s participation in various competitions, as well as the numerous prizes and awards won in this field: In 2004 SEMIKRON ranked amongst the top ten companies to receive the Bavarian Award for the Promotion of Women. 2005 saw SEMIKRON enter the competition Success Factor Family and subsequently receiving an award in recognition of the company’s efforts for the improvement of work and family compatibility from the Mayor of Nuremberg and Chamber of Commerce’s president emeritus, Ulrich Maly. 

Family-friendliness – assessment and evaluation

In 2007 SEMIKRON went one step further and opted to have its family-friendly initiatives assessed. During the first phase of assessment, SEMIKRON was awarded the basic certificate of the work and family compatibility audit berufundfamilie. This audit is run under the Patronage of the German Ministry for Family Affairs in collaboration with the German Ministry for Economics and Technology and represents a seal of approval for family-conscious HR policy that meets recognised quality standards. The work and family audit helps companies achieve a workable balance between corporate targets and employee interests and is regarded an important “strategic management tool for the improvement of work and family compatibility”.

Focal point: ongoing initiatives and action

The Work and Family project team at SEMIKRON not only assesses measures and initiatives that have been successfully completed but also takes into account progress and ongoing development. A particularly important aspect in this context is the focus on optimum working hours and work stations for all. Another important aim pursued by the team is the establishment of awareness of the close connection between work and the family among upper management on all levels. The key here is close cooperation and communication across all company departments: after all, an informed employee is a motivated employee.


The “Work and Family” audit is not a one-off check on the given status quo, but rather an ongoing auditing process for SEMIKRON. Three years after basic certification is granted, the company has to undergo an audit renewal assessment during which the audit team evaluates the extent to which set goals have been met. Companies whose certification is renewed after three years can confidently lay claim to having a duly recognised HR policy that is both family-friendly and sustainable.


Work and Family

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