-  Solder-free assembly

MiniSKiiP IPM Features

  • Advanced level shifter technology
  • 3,3 / 5V / 15V compatible input signal logic
  • Over-current and under-voltage detection
  • Interlock logic for cross conduction protection
  • Multi-purpose error input for common shut-down
  • Built-in temperature sensor

Widest junction temperature range

Competitor A            Competitor B            MiniSKiiP IPM


-20...+125 °C            -20...+150 °C           -40...+175 °C


High power density

Widest operating temperature range, state-of-the-art components and optimal thermal contact to heat sink without base plate


Saving costs

Contact springs and one-screw mounting for solder-free and quick assembly



HVIC gate driver in SOI technology with noise and latch-up immunity



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