SEMIKRON is one of the leading manufacturers of power electronics worldwide.

We ensure efficiency

Our power electronics are key technologies for energy conservation: they are used for open-loop and closed-loop control and to convert electric energy efficiently in the markets of the future, such as wind, solar and electromobility, for example, but also in drive technology and power supplies.

We are close to our customer

Today SEMIKRON has a staff of more than 3,000 people in 25 subsidiaries world-wide. This international network with production sites in Germany, Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Korea, Slovakia and the US ensures fast and comprehensive service for customers.

We are a family business

Now in our third generation of private ownership, we are the only independent family business with an international outlook in the sector.

SEMIKRON in figures

  • 509,000,000 EURO turnover in 2015.
  • 800,000 electric forklift trucks worldwide are fitted with SEMIKRON components.
  • 42,000 square metres: the size of the company grounds at the head office in Nuremberg.
  • 47,000 hybrid buses in the category of hybrid and electric vehicles are equipped with SEMIKRON technology.
  • 3,000 SEMIKRON employees, of which 1,600 are based in Germany.
  • SEMIKRON has a 35 per cent share of yearly installed wind turbines.
  • 25 per cent market share in diode and thyristor semiconductor modules. SEMIKRON is the global market leader for diode/thyristor modules (source: IMS Research, "The worldwide market for power semiconductor discretes and modules", 2014).
  • 25 operating companies worldwide belong to SEMIKRON.
  • 9 countries, split between the continents, are bases for SEMIKRON production sites.
  • 2 kW to 10 MW: our focus in the mid-range power segment.