Innovation & Service is our forte

Innovation has always been our forte. From our beginnings in 1951 till today, our innovative power electronic technologies have put us at the fore of technological advances. And this is the key to our success. From SEMIPACK®, the first insulated power module in the world, to countless other innovations, many SEMIKRON technologies are the industry standards of today.

Innovative Technologies

One step ahead

  • 2017 - DPD (Direct Pressed Die) technology: new pressure contact technology based on double sided sintering technology. Using pressure applied directly to the chip upper, this packaging is highly reliable and allows for flexibility in the choice of heatsink design
  • 2011 - SKiN® technology: a sintered film on a sintered chip plus sintered pin fin heatsink, eliminating wire bonds
  • 2007 - SKiNTER technology: used to create a cold-welded (sintered) silver later between chip and DCB instead of a solder layer
  • 1996 - SPRiNG technology: spring contacts replace solder pins
  • 1992 - SKiiP technology: a novel pressure contact technology that reduces the amount of solder used, eliminating the need for a copper baseplates
  • 1974 - Solder technology: standard technology with solder pins and screw terminals

Innovative Products

From industry standard modules to customised solutions

  • 2019 - With the launch of the SEMiX 6 press-fit module platform, SEMIKRON becomes a one-stop shop whose portfolio covers the entire span of industry standard modules
  • 2009 - SKiiP®4: At 3600 A, the most powerful IPM for wind power, solar power and traction applications
  • 2007 - SKiM®: Entirely solder-free IGBT modules for EVs and applications with high reliability requirements
  • 2006 - Introduction of optional, pre-applied thermal interface material, making SEMIKRON the first manufacturer to include the option of pre-applied TIM
  • 2006 - SEMiSTART™: Soft-starter module featuring pressure contact technology and  double-sided cooling
  • 2005 - SEMiX®: Rectifier with solder-free spring-loaded contacts for auxiliary contacts
  • 2004 - SKYPER® IGBT: New driver family launched
  • 2003 - SEMiX®: 17 mm height IGBT half-bridge family for 250 to 900 A nominal current with solder-free spring-loaded contacts for auxiliary contacts  
  • 2002 - MiniSKiiP®II: Launch of the second generation of our motor drive converter modules featuring spring contact technology
  • 2001 - Converters for hybrid electric vehicles
  • 2000 - Fast axial Schottky diodes, Zener diodes, press-fit diodes
  • 1999 - SKiM® Six-pack IGBT module
  • 1998 - SEMITOP®: power modules with solder pins for PCB assembly
  • 1996 - MiniSKiiP®: First power module in solder-free spring contact technology
  • 1995 - ASICs: Optimised electronic assemblies featuring ASICs for MOSFET and IGBT module control
  • 1992 - SKiiP®: First IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules) with integrated driver and SKiiP® pressure contact technology for high-power applications
  • 1987 - SEMITRANS™: MOSFET modules for electric vehicles, high frequency generators, induction heaters, and lasers
  • 1984 - SEMITRANS™: Darlington bipolar transistor modules
  • 1981 - SEMIPACK®: Module family featuring fast switching thyristors and diodes. Introduction of glass passivation and square chips
  • 1976 - Disc-type thyristors for DC drives and converters
  • 1974 - SEMIPACK®: First insulated thyristor/diode module in the world
  • 1967 - First thyristors for DC drives, 3-phase soft-start devices and 3-phase AC current controllers
  • 1964 - First 1A plastic diode in the world for direct PCB assembly in radios and televisions
  • 1963 - First encapsulated bridge rectifier
  • 1961 - First avalanche rectifier diode
  • 1959 - First silicon diode made from silicon wafers 

Locations and collaborations

Global service—Close to our customers

2020 - Production expansion in China with the introduction of a new MiniSKiiP line
2017 - Former B2B eCommerce portal SindoPower becomes SEMIKRON Online Shop operating under the SEMIKRON brand
2010 - “SEMIKRON Foundation – International Aid” is born
2009 - SindoPower, our B2B eCommerce portal, goes live
2005 - Est. SEMIKRON China
2002 - Est. SEMIKRON Russia
2001 - Est. SEMIKRON Denmark;
             Est. SEMIKRON India;
             Est. SEMIKRON Cesko
1999 - Est. SEMIRKON Polska;
             Est. SEMIRKON Slovensko
1998 - Est. SEMIKRON Hong Kong
1995 - Est. SEMIKRON New Zealand
1986 - Est. SEMIKRON Korea
1985 - Est. SEMIKRON Suomi
1978 - Est. SEMIKRON Australia;
             Est. SEMIKRON Japan
1977 - Est. SEMIKRON España
1976 - Est. SEMIKRON Süd-Afrika
1975 - Est. SEMIKRON Schweiz;
             Est. SEMIKRON USA
1974 - Peter Martin and Dr. Heinrich Heilbronner take over the running of the firm following the sudden death of company founder Dr. Friedrich Josef Martin
1972 - Est. SEMIKRON United Kingdom
1971 - Est. SEMIKRON Belgie
1966 - Est. SEMIKRON Mexiko
1963 - Est. SEMIKRON Brasilien;
             Est. SEMIKRON Österreich
1962 - Est. SEMIKRON Nederland;
             Est. SEMIKRON Italia
1959 - Est. SEMIKRON France
1954 - SEMIKRON semiconductor production goes live