New 1700V IGBT E7 Portfolio in the SEMiX 3 Press-Fit

1700V devices are getting a power density boost with IGBT E7. Compared to the widely used 1700V IGBT4, the new IGBT E7 offers the same current rating with greatly reduced chip area. Along with this outstanding jump in power density, the forward voltage has also dropped by up to 20%, allowing for reduced conduction losses and increased efficiency.

In order to provide the new Generation 7 IGBTs in an industrial standard package, SEMIKRON is introducing the 1700V IGBT E7 in the SEMiX 3 Press-Fit housing. With a wide portfolio reaching up to 900A rated current, SEMIKRON offers top-notch power density with the latest technology. 

Key Features

  • Increased current density thanks to IGBT E7
  • Up to 20% lower VCE,sat compared to 1700V IGBT4
  • Standard industrial press-fit housing
  • Portfolio from 220A up to 900A


  • High power density thanks to reduced chip size
  • Increased efficiency with lower VCE,sat
  • Standard industrial press-fit housing
  • Optimized for motor drive applications

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