Oliver Blamberger appointed new General Manager / Three Managing Directors to leave company as scheduled

After acquiring the majority of Compact Dynamics, the development specialist for electric and hybrid cars, in May 2010, Semikron International GmbH now have acquired the remaining 30 percent of shares that were so far held by the three Managing Directors, Maximilian Eck, Bernhard Hoffmann and Dr. Andreas Gründl. All three of them will leave Compact Dynamics GmbH on February 28, 2013, as scheduled, and will remain active consultants to the company.  

At the same time, Semikron International GmbH have apppointed, with immediate effect, Oliver Blamberger the new General Manager of Compact Dynamics. As of March 01, 2013, Mr. Blamberger will be the solely responsible business manager for Compact Dynamic, while closey cooperating with the mother company.

"I am proud to be holding a key position within such a highly innovative and exciting field of technology", says Blamberger. "We are delighted to have found in Mr. Blamberger an experienced business leader to lead our innovative team into the future", said former business owners, Maximilian Eck, Bernhard Hoffmann and Dr. Andreas Gründl.


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