New power modules with twin 6-pack circuit topology help to develop cost efficient and compact regenerative inverters by using one single module instead of two.

Nuremberg, 19. May, 2015 - SEMIKRON's MiniSKiiP power module platform is designed for 600V/650V, 1200V and 1700V with a current range from 4A to 400A and provides a comprehensive setup of circuit topologies. The SPRiNG Technology for the power and control terminals enables fast, cost-effective and solder-free assembly of the circuit board, cooling unit and power module. MiniSKiiP is primarily used in industrial motor drives, solar inverters and power supplies. In addition to a vast range of circuit topologies, higher integrated MiniSKiiP Twin power modules with two independent 1200V 6-packs in one package are available now.

Constantly rising energy costs drive the trend for energy savings and regenerating concepts. Especially systems moving mechanical load by converting electrical energy into kinetic energy can be used for regeneration by feeding the brake energy back into the AC supply network instead of "burning" it at a brake resistor. Higher integrated and optimised MiniSKiiP Twin power modules provide a significant advantage for developing compact regenerative inverters by reducing the inverter size and number of used components resulting in a system cost reduction.MiniSKiiP Twin power modules are dedicated to all kinds of inverters with an integrated regeneration function, also known as four-quadrant inverters, used in applications like elevators, escalators, cranes and winches, where the mechanical energy of the motor and connected load will be converted into electrical energy for returning (or regenerating) back to the AC supply grid.

MiniSKiiP Twin power modules are available with a nominal current rating from 8A to 35A per 6-pack. Further types with higher current rates are under consideration.


SEMIKRON is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power modules and systems primarily in the medium output range (approx. 2 kW up to 10 MW). Our products are at the heart of modern energy efficient motor drives and industrial automation systems. Further application areas include power supplies, renewable energies (wind and solar power) and utility vehicles. SEMIKRON's innovative power electronic products enable our customers to develop smaller, more energy efficient power electronic systems. These systems in turn reduce the global energy demand.

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