IGBT Driver core is smaller than a matchbox but with 20A output stage

Nürnberg, 11 May 2016
The SKYPER12 drives safely IGBT modules up to 400A. With the footprint of 35 x 45 mm the driver allows very compact inverter designs with small IGBT modules like Mini Dual or SEMiX 5. Thanks to a complete ground layer, adjustable filter management and optimised transformers with low coupling capacitance, the driver core can work properly in very compact designs with a high level of electromagnetic compatibility.

The new ASIC chipset offers safe short circuit handling with soft switch off and fast mode detection. Thanks to the integration level, an MTBF rate of up to eight million hours at full load can be realised. With that feature set the SKYPER12 IGBT driver core offers the optimised platform for IGBT modules in the range from 80A - 300A. Reference circuits for SEMiX 5, MiniSKiiP Dual and SEMiX 3 Press-Fit support customers for efficient driver integration.


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