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Quality Management Philosophy

SEMIKRON is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of the different markets. Applied to our quality management, this means that all our organisational and product-related activities across every discipline are aligned towards these principles. Tapping into a wealth of technological and individual skill, we are able to ensure that we meet our customer requirements. We include our suppliers in this process, allowing them to use their performance to provide exceptional support.

It goes without saying that we acknowledge the challenges of competition, keeping a close eye on how our customers’ and suppliers’ businesses are doing, as well as on our own economic situation, of course.

Six Sigma

A systematic, application-based tool that uses statistics for (business) process description, measurement, analysis, improvement and monitoring.

Continuous Improvement Process

Independent CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) teams strive to continually optimise existing workflows and production processes.


An active system for the assessment and implementation of suggestions for improvement across all areas.