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Future-Proof Corporate Policy for the Next Generation

We are connected with our social environment in a variety of ways. And this includes the world of future generations. The sustainability concept is therefore firmly anchored in our thoughts and actions.

For SEMIKRON, sustainable development means maintaining a balance between our commercial objectives and our requirements with respect to quality, work safety as well as environmental protection and occupational health. Our integrated management system provides the framework for sustainable working practices. It is based on standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (EMAS), OHSAS 18001 (OHRIS) and IATF 16949.

Quality Management

SEMIKRON is oriented firmly towards the necessities or expectations of each market. For this reason, quality management to us means that all of our organisational and product-related activities across all of the disciplines are aligned towards these principles.

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Environmental Protection

With our power electronics products, SEMIKRON contributes to clean energy production and efficient energy use globally. By constantly improving our production processes and modernising our manufacturing plants, we are continually minimising our consumption of water, chemicals and energy. Our major manufacturing sites are all ISO 14001 certified. Moreover, our Nuremberg site complies with the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1221/2009 and is EMAS registered.

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Occupational Health and Safety

At SEMIKRON, we are aware of the contribution that healthy and dedicated employees make to the success of our products. For this reason, health in the workplace, accident prevention, and plant safety are fundamental parts of our company’s ethics. Naturally, this includes with the observance of all currently valid legal requirements. And in many cases, the requirements we place on workplace design even go beyond these, with the aim of preventing injuries and illnesses to the greatest possible extent.

Global Compact

SEMIKRON joined the United Nations’ Global Compact Initiative in May 2012. In this initiative, more than 8,700 companies from 140 countries undertake to align their business activities and strategies with universally recognised principles from the fields of human rights, work standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. SEMIKRON’s commitment to human rights, environmental protection, compliance with anti-corruption principles and our employment policy are therefore monitored within the frame of the UN Global Compact Initiative.

Social Responsibility

For industrial enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility goes hand in hand with sustainable business. At SEMIRRON, CSR is more than just a strategic consideration. Being a family-owned company, we take this responsibility very seriously. Testamony to this is the SEMIKRON Foundation, the umbrella organization that fosters the charity work and activities that our shareholders are involved in world wide.

SEMIKRON Foundation

Code of Conduct

The guiding principle behind the SEMIKRON Group is the duty to act responsibly, with integrity and in full compliance with statutory requirements. The company also embraces and practices ethical principles and standards. Our code of conduct is not a declaration of intent but a set of rules for good business practices that is binding for the entire SEMIKRON Group and the entire staff, right down to the management.

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