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Our SEMIKRON experts, including Product Managers and Application Engineers, explain power electronics topics for a wide range of applications. After the webinar, take the opportunity to ask for further information or replay parts you missed.

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Past Webinars

SemiSel 5: Simplify Power Semiconductor Selection

In the first section of this webinar, Martin Röblitz will guide you through the new features of SemiSel 5. He will also show which additional features are available especially for registered users and how they make SemiSel even better. In the second section, we will run a complete simulation together. In only five steps, we will get from the selection of the topology to the detailed analysis of the simulation results. Afterward, we will have plenty of time for your questions. With this knowledge, you will have the ability to select the power modules you need faster and with more confidence.

Wind Energy

More performance at lower cost in wind converters? SKiiP4 now offers up to 25% improvement.

How to improve performance, cost and compactness of high power and wind converter applications? The webinar reveals recently made improvements of the field proven sintered SKiiP4 Intelligent Power Modules SKiiP4. Marco Honsberg will explain the contribution of the new High Performance Cooler technology and dedicated generator/grid side chipset tailoring to reach keen cost per performance targets.

Solar Energy Energy Storage

Compliment Solar with Optimised Energy Storage

With Solar + Storage becoming a growing trend, energy storage converters must consider the requirements of solar.

For AC-coupled systems, a bidirectional AC/DC converter is required. SEMIKRON offers a portfolio of power modules with topologies, which increase efficiency while both charging and discharging the batteries.

We will also discuss DC/DC topologies for DC-coupled systems, which can pair with 3-Level solar inverters. In order to meet 1500VDC designs, SEMIKRON now offers the latest 950V Generation 7 IGBTs with optimised designs for improved performance.

Lastly, we will discuss implementing Silicon Carbide in an intelligent way to improve efficiency and power density while keeping costs to a minimum.

Battery Vehicles

SKAI 3 LV for Motor Controllers in Forklifts & Industrial Vehicles

Forklifts and industrial vehicles require reliable, compact power inverters. For the low voltage range (24V-144V), the SKAI 3 LV is the solution.

Rather than starting from scratch or using an inflexible inverter design, SEMIKRON offers a new solution with the SKAI 3 LV. You can now focus on the IP that matters most without getting stuck in the power hardware and packaging details.

Once the design is ready, this new approach then offers mass production through SEMIKRON’s proven manufacturing expertise.

Wind Energy

The Next Level for Wind Power Converters

Cost and efficiency are king in the world of renewable energy! Power up your investment, increase the voltage up to 1000VAC. This brings down the total cost of your wind energy system. 3-Level topologies enable this higher voltage, higher efficiency and greater power.

Our webinar shows an optimised solution for the Neutral-Point-Clamped (NPC) topology. The new SEMITRANS 10 MLI has an enhanced clamping diode for efficient bi-directional power flow. The new SEMITRANS 20 balances a simple design with the Active Neutral Point Clamped (ANPC) topology. The low inductance package offers increased reliability and easy paralleling. Both modules contain the latest IGBT generation M7.

For increased power at 690VAC, learn about the SKiiP4 with new High Performance Cooler. Upgrade your power stack without changing the converter design thanks to full compatibility to the previous SKiiP 4 design.