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Our Solutions for Your DC Fast Charger Equipment

One of the main requirements for widespread use of electric vehicles is an accessible charging infrastructure. Governments and industries worldwide are preparing to invest in charging infrastructure but the critical points of the product decision are costs, power and reliability. SEMIKRON offers a comprehensive portfolio of products that meet the needs of fast charger equipment from 5kW to 450kW. With the latest technologies – such as wide-bandgap semiconductors – as well as new topologies, e.g. three-level, we achieve the best performance for your product.

50kW Power Cell

PFC and DC/DC converter with galvanic isolation powered by SEMITOP E1/E2

Optimised design

  • Scalable for high-power charging
  • 3L PFC topology needs just 6 instead of 12 driver channels
  • Efficient 650V technology thanks to split DC link
  • Transformer for safe galvanic isolation
  • Integrated pre-charge circuit
  • Standard technology for high availability


  • Power Rating: 50kW
  • AC Input: 400V +/- 10% and 480V +/- 10%
  • DC Output: 500Vdc or 1000Vdc
  • PF >0.98
  • Efficiency >94%

Power Modules


The flexible standard:

  • Industry standard baseplate-less package
  • Fully flexible pin-out thanks to the pin-grid structure
  • Customer-specific chipsets, including latest technologies, e.g. silicon carbide MOSFETs

Learn more about SEMITOP E1/E2


  • SEMITRANS, reliable standard with 34 and 62mm width
  • Available with silicon carbide MOSFETs / Silicon carbide Schottky diode
  • SEMITRANS 10 extends the power range to more than 600kW in a proven design

Learn more about SEMITRANS


Completely solder-free sixpacks:

  • Maximum reliability in power and temperature cycling thanks to sintered chips, AlCu bonds and pressure contacts
  • Increased power density thanks to baseplate-less module design

Learn more about SKiM 63/93

Power Electronic Stacks

  • Fast time-to-market with ready-to-use power stacks
  • Customized designs for individual customer applications
  • Including SEMIKRON drivers with ASIC chipset for maximum reliability
  • UL ready

Learn more about Power Electronic Stacks