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Solutions for electromobility

The power electronics in electrically operated vehicles need to be ultra-compact and lightweight, and show good shock and vibration resistance so that they can function reliably in rough terrain. They also need to operate at both very high and very low ambient and coolant temperatures, and be able to withstand significant temperature and load cycles. The pressure contact and spring loaded contact technologies that SEMIKRON has been using for 20 years, together with the recently introduced sinter technology, are well able to cope with these market requirements.

Alongside conventional IGBT modules and SKiiP IPMs, SEMIKRON also provides compact motor controller systems (SKAI). Systems for low battery voltage are fitted with power MOSFETs, while systems for higher voltages are fitted with IGBTs.

Block diagram of a SKAI 2LV motor controller system with power MOSFETs

Main drive motor controller with power MOSFETs

The low-voltage version of the main drive motor controller is an air- or liquid-cooled 3-phase motor controller. It is particularly well suited for use in smaller electric vehicles, e.g. forklift trucks and small passenger or municipal vehicles. The systems are designed for supply voltages of between 24 V and 120 V and deliver a power output of between 3 kW and 30 kW.

Block diagram of a SKAI 2HV motor controller system with IGBTs

Main drive motor controller with IGBTs

The systems, based on water-cooled 3-phase motor controllers, are operated with a battery voltage of between 200 V and 800 V. They are used in vehicles with a drive power of 30 kW to 250 kW per motor. This motor performance means they are capable of driving electric cars, buses, tractors and construction vehicles, driven solely by electric power.

Block diagram of a Multi Converter Box with auxiliary motor controllers for different tasks

IGBT auxiliary motor controller

Systems that have multiple motor controllers in one housing can be used for electric auxiliaries – e.g. on agricultural vehicles – with power outputs of 3 kW to 40 kW. SEMIKRON has developed a Multi Converter Box (MCB) for such systems, which contains three different motor controllers with power outputs of 10, 20 or 40 kW and operates with battery voltages ranging from 450 V to 750 V. The MCB can supply air conditioning, fans or electric auxiliary equipment on tractors, for example.

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