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Our Solutions for Your UPS System

The availability of infrastructure systems strongly depends on reliable supply power, irrespective of whether these systems consist of servers and cloud storage, critical traffic control or hospital services. Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) ensure their continuous operation. In SEMIKRON power modules, flexible topologies equipped with the latest IGBT and diode chips ensure the highest of conversion efficiencies for double conversion UPS systems.

Application Example

MiniSKiiP MLI modules for UPS systems

  • Single leg MLI module based on TrenchStop 5 IGBTs
  • Single leg symmetrical boost for input and battery charging
  • Supporting 100kVA UPS system in 19‘‘ frames
  • For higher power up to 150KVA MiniSKiiP Split MLI with 99% peak efficiency at full load.

MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI for 1000V systems

MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI for 1000V systems

Low/Medium-Power Modules: Low-power and modular UPS systems

SEMITOP® 1st generation and SEMITOP® E1/E2

  • Optimised chipsets for any power factor
  • NPC/TNPC and double boost topologies
  • Supporting up to 40kVA

Learn more about SEMITOP


  • NPC/TNPC and half-bridge topologies
  • Quick and easy mounting with one or two screws
  • All modules on one PCB
  • For ultra compact designs: 3-phase TNPC in one module (1200V/40A)
  • MiniSKiiP MLI and symmetrical boost with 300A and TrenchStop S5 IGBTs for 100kVA modular UPS systems
  • MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI up to 150kVA in ultra compact designs

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Medium/High-Power Modules: Standalone and Tower UPS Systems


  • SEMITRANS 5 with single NPC/TNPC legs in one 62mm housing
  • SEMITRANS 3 with flexible half-bridge design: up to 3 half-bridge modules in TNPC or ANPC topology
  • Buck-boost converters and double boost converters

Learn more about SEMITRANS

SKiM® 4

  • High-power density in a baseplate-less power module
  • NPC and TNPC topologies up to 200kVA

Learn more about SKiM 4

SEMiX® 5

  • 17mm-high, industry standard power module
  • Benchmark switching performance thanks to optimised internal design
  • Broadest portfolio of NPC, TNPC and double boost power modules on the market

Learn more about SEMiX 5

Power Electronic Stacks

  • Fast time-to-market with ready-to-use power stacks
  • Customized designs for individual requirements
  • Including SEMIKRON drivers with ASIC chipset for maximum reliability
  • UL ready

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