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Power Electronics for Vehicles

Electrical vehicles require highly reliable power electronics. SEMIKRON, as one of the leading suppliers of power electronics, has been supplying products to the EV markets for more than 10 years. From chips and modules to entire converters, the entire range of SEMIKRON products can be found in passenger cars, utility vehicles, trucks, buses as well as industrial and material handling vehicles.

Field Application References

  • 30 million free-wheeling diodes in power drive trains in more than 150,000 electric vehicles
  • 150,000 SKiM 63/93 drive electric and hybrid buses, passenger cars and electric motorbikes
  • 10,000 buses use SKiM 5 in pre-assembled stacks: power module + driver + heat sink
  • More than 100,000 hybrid and all-electric cars are powered by SEMiX power modules
  • 53,000 SKAI 2 HV drive electric and hybrid busses
  • 1.5 million SKAI LV drive vehicles for material handling


SEMIKRON’s CAL (Controlled Axial Lifetime) freewheeling technology as a bare die:

  • Soft recovery behaviour
  • High dynamic robustness up to 175°C
  • Proven with different IGBT products

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Power Modules


Completely solder-free 6-packs:

  • Maximum reliability in power and thermal cycling tests thanks to sintered chips, AlCu wire bonds and pressure contacts
  • Increased power density thanks to baseplate-less module design
  • Hybrid silicon carbide power modules for maximum efficiency and power density

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Baseplate industry standard power module range:

  • Standard high-performance power modules with excellent cost/performance ratio
  • Multiple sourcing thanks to industry standard design
  • Exceeding the standard thanks to packaging design optimisations

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The flexible standard:

  • Industry standard baseplate-less package
  • Fully flexible pin-out thanks to the pin-grid structure
  • Customer-specific chipsets, including latest technologies, e.g. silicon carbide MOSFETs

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1200V full inverter system

  • Plug & Play inverter system up to 250kW and 800V DC bus, 21kVA/l power density
  • Utilizing high reliability SKiM 93 power modules

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Low-voltage system for material handling utility vehicles

  • Single and dual inverter configuration
  • Up to 55kVA and up to 160V battery voltage
  • Flexible cooling options: water and air-cooled system possible

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