IGBT Modules
SKIM 93 (160x150x35)

Part Number 23930790
Product Status Discontinued
Housing SKIM 93 (160x150x35)
(LLxBBxHH) 160x150x35
Switches Six Pack
VCES in V 600
ICnom in A 900
Technology IGBT 3 (Trench)

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SEMIKRON SKIM 93 (160x150x35)


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SKiM909GD066HD Features

  • IGBT 3 Trench Gate Technology
  • Solderless sinter technology
  • VCE(sat) with positive temperature coefficient
  • Low inductance case
  • Insulated by Al2O3 DCB (Direct Copper Bonded) ceramic substrate
  • Pressure contact technology for thermal contacts
  • Spring contact system to attach driver PCB to the control terminals
  • High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6 x IC
  • Integrated temperature sensor

SKiM909GD066HD Target Applications

  • Automotive inverter
  • High reliability AC inverter wind
  • High reliability AC inverter drives

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