IGBT Modules
SEMITRANS 2 (94x34x30)

Part Number 22892403
Product Status In production new
Housing SEMITRANS 2 (94x34x30)
(LLxBBxHH) 94x34x30
Switches Single Switch
VCES in V 1200
ICnom in A 150
Technology V-IGBT

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SEMIKRON GAR Single Switch


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SKM150GAR12V Features

  • V-IGBT = 6. Generation Trench V-IGBT (Fuji)
  • CAL4 = Soft switching 4. Generation CAL-diode
  • Insulated copper baseplate using DBC technology (Direct Copper Bonding)
  • Increased power cycling capability
  • With integrated gate resistor
  • UL recognized, file no. E63532
  • Lowest switching losses at High di/dt

SKM150GAR12V Target Applications

  • Electronic welders
  • DC/DC – converter
  • Brake chopper
  • Switched reluctance motor

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