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1500VDC in Solar?

An increase in the DC voltage in your solar applications of up to 1500VDC enables a significant reduction in system costs as well as the optimization of annual energy production. To comply with these challenging conditions, SEMIKRON offers a comprehensive product portfolio for your 1500V photovoltaic inverter: starting from power modules in 2-level and 3-level topologies to high-power SKiiP 4 IPMs and ready-to-use power stacks – we are your partner at all integration levels. Within a wide power range, SEMIKRON provides power modules for low-power string inverters up to multi megawatt central inverter units – meeting the strictest of quality and reliability requirements. Complete power stacks in different topologies and power ranges are available to guarantee fastest possible market entry.

Power Modules for 1500V applications

  • Broad portfolio of 2-level and 3-level module
  • Up to 750kW without paralleling with SEMTRANS 10
  • All connection technologies available: solder pins, press-fit pins, screw connectors and spring contacts
  • Plug & play drivers
SEMIKRON power modules for 1500V applications
3-Level modules for 1500V PV applications
NPCSEMITOP MLI1200V20A up to 150A
MiniSKiiP MLI1200Vup to 400A
SKiM 4 MLI1200V300A up to 600A
SEMiX 5 MLI1200V200A up to 300A
SEMITRANS 101200Vup to 1200A
TNPCSKiM 4 TMLI1700V / 1200Vup to 300A
SEMiX 5 TMLI1700V / 1200V200A up to 300A

IPMs for 1500V applications

  • Dedicated SKiiP 4 version for 1500V PV applications
  • Water- and air cooled versions
  • CANopen interface for diagnostics
  • Maximum reliability thanks to Single Sided Sintering technology and SEMIKRON ASIC driver chipset
  • 100% tested incl. burn-in test
SKiiP 4 product range
1700V SKiiP 4 for 1500V PV
IGBT half bridges in parallel346
IC@Ts = 25°C1800A2400A3600A

Stacks for 1500V applications

Fast time-to-market with ready-to-use power stacks

  • Customized designs for individual customers applications
  • Including SEMIKRON drivers with ASIC chipset for maximum reliability
  • UL certification
  • IntelliOff function for 1500VDC voltage

MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI

The MiniSKiiP is entering new markets: the MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI takes the superior reliability of MiniSKiiP technology to 1500VDC solar applications up to 180kW. The use of SiC Schottky diodes in the neutral path delivers supreme efficiency and maximum power density for compact string inverter designs.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive portfolio from power modules to IPMs and complete power stacks
  • Comprehensive product line of 3-level power modules
  • Large power range incl. multi-megawatt inverters
  • Fast time-to-market with ready-to-use power stacks
  • Flexible design for customized stacks
  • Maximum power density up to 5.7kVA/litre