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1500VDC in Solar?

An increase in the DC voltage in your solar applications of up to 1500VDC enables a significant reduction in system costs as well as the optimization of annual energy production. To comply with these challenging conditions, SEMIKRON offers a comprehensive product portfolio for your 1500V photovoltaic inverter: starting from power modules in 2-level and 3-level topologies to high-power SKiiP 4 IPMs and ready-to-use power stacks – we are your partner at all integration levels. Within a wide power range, SEMIKRON provides power modules for low-power string inverters up to multi megawatt central inverter units – meeting the strictest of quality and reliability requirements. Complete power stacks in different topologies and power ranges are available to guarantee fastest possible market entry.

Power Modules for 1500V applications

  • Broad portfolio of 2-level and 3-level modules
  • Up to 750kW without paralleling with SEMTRANS 10
  • All connection technologies available: solder pins, press-fit pins, screw connectors and spring contacts
  • Plug & play drivers
SEMIKRON power modules for 1500V applications
3-Level modules for 1500V PV applications
NPCSEMITOP MLI1200V20A up to 150A
MiniSKiiP MLI1200Vup to 150A
SKiM 4 MLI1200V300A up to 600A
SEMiX 5 MLI1200V200A up to 300A
SEMITRANS 101200Vup to 1200A
TNPCSKiM 4 TMLI1700V / 1200Vup to 300A
SEMiX 5 TMLI1700V / 1200V200A up to 300A

IPMs for 1500V applications

  • Dedicated SKiiP 4 version for 1500V PV applications
  • Water- and air cooled versions
  • CANopen interface for diagnostics
  • Maximum reliability thanks to Single Sided Sintering technology and SEMIKRON ASIC driver chipset
  • 100% tested incl. burn-in test
SKiiP 4 product range
1700V SKiiP 4 for 1500V PV
IGBT half bridges in parallel346
IC@Ts = 25°C1800A2400A3600A

Stacks for 1500V applications

  • Fast time-to-market with ready-to-use power stacks
  • Customized designs for individual customers applications
  • Including SEMIKRON drivers with ASIC chipset for maximum reliability
  • UL certification
  • IntelliOff function for 1500VDC voltage

Key Features

  • Comprehensive portfolio from power modules to IPMs and complete power stacks
  • Comprehensive product line of 3-level power modules
  • Large power range incl. multi-megawatt inverters
  • Fast time-to-market with ready-to-use power stacks
  • Flexible design for customized stacks
  • Maximum power density up to 5.7kVA/litre