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3-Level Power Modules – 5kVA up to 1200kVA

SEMIKRON offers an extensive range of 3-level power modules. Our range includes NPC, TNPC and ANPC topologies and covers a current range from 20A to 1200A, with voltages from 600V to 1700V, including the latest 950V IGBT 7 chips for 1500VDC applications.

Compact 750 kVA design with SEMITRANS 10 packaging

3-Level Power Modules Benefits

SEMIKRON 3-level power modules are the right choice whenever the quality of a voltage output signal is important in application. Using 3-level topologies lowers the requirements for output filtering since the line-to-line output voltage contains less harmonic distortion with the same switching frequency, resulting in lower filter and system costs.

A further advantage is the reduced inverter losses which boosts overall system efficiency. SEMIKRON boasts over ten years of experience in 3-level applications, providing 3-level solutions in NPC, TNPC and ANPC topologies in a variety of packages and contact technologies.

This allows SEMIKRON to create perfectly tailored 3-level modules for every application, with dedicated chipsets ranging from medium-power IGBTs to fast switching silicon carbide devices that enable 3-level technology to be used to its full potential. Further, SEMIKRON provides full application and design-in support with sophisticated simulation tools, evaluation PCBs and a fully assembled 3-level evaluation system based on MiniSKiiP.

3-Level Power Modules Key Features

  • Comprehensive 3-level portfolio covering every SEMIKRON contact technology
  • NPC, TNPC and ANPC topologies
  • Application-dedicated chipsets for optimised performance, including the latest silicon and silicon carbide chip technologies
  • Lower filtering requirements thanks to the lower harmonic distortion of the output voltage
  • Covering all voltage classes: 600/650V, 950V, 1200V and 1700V
  • For currents ranging from 20A to 1200A
  • Perfect topologies for 1500V photovoltaic applications

3-Level Power Modules Applications

3-level power modules are especially suitable for applications that need a high-quality output voltage with low distortion and as well as filtering on the output side, e.g. solar inverters, wind turbine converters and UPS systems. Especially 1500V solar applications can benefit from the higher operating voltage of 3-level topologies.

3-Level Power Modules Product Range

Today, the module portfolio covers a wide current range from 20A to 1200A with blocking voltages from 600V to 1700V in SEMITOP, MiniSKiiP, SEMITRANS 5, SKiM 4, SEMiX 5 and SEMITRANS 10 housings. Our modules feature the latest chip generations from leading suppliers, including fast switching IGBTs and diodes. Silicon carbide chips are also available for optimised performance in your application.

3-Level Power Modules Product Highlights

  • MiniSKiiP Dual Split MLI: baseplateless module for direct PCB mounting up to 400A with 1200V and 950V IGBT chips
  • SEMITOP E2 is available in low-inductance, flexible industry standard packaging for NPC, TNPC and ANPC topologies
  • SEMITOP is available with solder or press-fit pins in fully compatible layouts for full design flexibility
  • 3-phase inverter in TNPC topology with 40A and 1200V in one MiniSKiiP 3 housing for compact inverter designs
  • 200A and 1200V TNPC phase leg in MiniSKiiP 3 for maximum power density
  • NPC topology with 1200V chips in MiniSKiiP, SEMITOP, SKiM 4 and SEMiX 5 cases cover demand for higher DC-bus voltages in solar applications. SKiM 4 is also available with 1700V chips in NPC topology and a current rating of 200A to 300A
  • For high-power NPC applications there is the SEMTRANS 10 with 1200V chips and 1200A, suitable for up to 1500V DC bus
  • ANPC topologies covering a wide power range based on half-bridge modules

Our Contacts for Your 3-Level Solution

Contact technologies

Contact technologies

SEMIKRON 3-level power modules cover the full range of SEMIKRON contact technologies to deliver maximum flexibility for your 3-level solution.

Portfolio: 3-level modules

CC: Common Collector in horizontal leg; CE: Common Emitter in horizontal leg