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Anticipating the Future for 20 Years

20 years ago the MiniSKiiP was born. A unique design that set a new standard in the power electronics world: solder-free PCB assembly using spring contacts for minimum assembly times, easy PCB design and excellent connection reliability, resulting in an immediate system cost benefit.

20 Years of Innovation

With more than 35 million modules in the field, MiniSKiiP has innovated the world of power electronics. It is the first module available with pre-applied Thermal Interface Material, one of the first industrial standard modules to feature Silicon Carbide and it uniquely covers a power range from 1 to 90kW as a full motor drives solution.

Today, we are still innovating the future. MiniSKiiP boosts reliability and power density utilizing the SEMIKRON technology portfolio and is gaining ground on new markets such as medium-voltage inverters.

MiniSKiiP – 20 years and still innovative.

35 million MiniSKiiP modules working reliably in the field

MiniSKiiP® Benefits

An important benefit of MiniSKiiP modules is the outstandingly easy assembly and service-friendly spring-contacts for the load and gate terminals. Compared to conventional soldered modules, where expensive soldering equipment and time-consuming solder processes are required, no special tools are needed for MiniSKiiP assembly. The printed circuit board (PCB), the power module and the heat sink are all assembled in one mounting step using a one or two screw connection.

MiniSKiiP® Applications

With more than two decades of experience and more than 35 million modules in the field, this module platform has proven successful in all standard applications like standard drives, stand-alone drives, servo drives, system drives, solar inverters, UPS systems and welding machines.

MiniSKiiP® Product Range

MiniSKiiP modules are designed for 600V/650V, 1200V and 1700V with 4A - 400A nominal chip currents. In addition to CIB, 6-pack, twin 6-pack, H-bridge, half-bridge and 3-level, customerspecific modules are also available. For fast evaluation, lab test boards can be ordered for every module type.



1 million MiniSkiiP modules in the field


Introduction of the 2nd generation MiniSKiiP modules


First power module in the market to be available with pre-applied Thermal Interface Material


10 million MiniSKiiP modules in the field


Latest chip technologies in MiniSKiiP

Full SiC stack for energy storage systems

Stack with Full SiC MiniSKiiP for energy storage applications
90kW inverter design


Scalable without compromise

One inverter design concept from 1 to 90kW, 100% PCB based


Two inverters in one module

More compact inverter designs by offering MiniSkiiP Twin 6-Pack modules. Perfectly designed for multi-axis inverters such as servo or robotics drives and most compact Active Front End inverters.

MiniSkiiP Twin 6-Pack modules
1700V power modules dedicated to cascaded medium voltage inverters


MiniSKiiP goes medium-voltage

1700V power modules dedicated to cascaded Medium Voltage Inverters.


The Power Density Master

Combination of the latest technologies to increase the lifetime and output power of MiniSkiiP:

MiniSKiiP thermal resistance & output current
MiniSKiiP thermal resistance & lifetime