For the first time ever the KION Supplier Award 2021 has been awarded for excellence in innovation. We were delighted to be nominated in the first place and are very proud that the award has ultimately gone to us.

The selection process for the KION Supplier Award is based on the following three stages:

1. Evaluation criteria are defined
Outstanding performance in that the supplier puts forward excellent ideas as potential solutions to KION’s challenges, good collaborative partnership, and reliability when it comes to costs, quality and development work.

2. Development teams put forward nominations 
KION asked their development teams to evaluate their business partners/suppliers on the basis of the aforementioned criteria.

3. Final discussion and decision by Harald Will (Executive Vice President Product Development) and Hans Schotte (Managing Director, KION IoT Systems)

The all-important factor for KION was that SEMIKRON had developed a product with outstanding performance and a great price-performance ratio.

To help them make their decision, KION heads took a closer look at the latest project between the two companies, who look back on a 30-year-long partnership. The project itself and the resultant systems developed were found to be exceedingly innovative solutions that are fully integrated and tailored specifically to the requirements of KION’s new drive axles. The project deadlines and delivery schedules were met at all times and business was done in what was a professional and fair manner.

“We would like to express our thanks for the excellent collaboration on this project over the past three and a half years. May our close partnership continue into the future,“ said Karl-Heinz Gaubatz on receiving the award.

Well done and a huge thank you to all the SEMIKRON employees who made this possible!