Leading German news broadcaster WELT and market analysis and consultation firm ServiceValue asked managers what German companies they considered to be most innovative. In the semiconductor industry, SEMIKRON was recognised for its “excellent innovative strength”.

Leading German news broadcaster WELT teamed up with Cologne-based market analysis firm ServiceValue to conduct a survey among some 220,000 managers about what German businesses they see as delivering excellence in innovation. The results of the online survey showed SEMIKRON to boast excellent innovative strength in the semiconductor industry.

The study was based on the assumption that the respondents have the requisite experience and expertise to gauge what German businesses are delivering excellence in innovation both to the market and internally and what businesses are lagging behind on the innovation front. In terms of definition, the word “innovation” was seen to encompass adaptability to customer needs, whether in regard to a product or service. 

The arithmetic average (aka as the sample mean) was calculated for each business. If this value was found to be better than the average for respective industry, the company was seen to have “good” innovative strength. Those companies whose intrinsic value was even better than the sample mean were considered to have “excellent” innovative strength.

See the complete ranking here. (German Website)