These awards merit project, product and service innovations, as well as innovative concepts in the area of power electronics in Europe.

In co-operation with the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE e.V.), the SEMIKRON Foundation will be handing over the SEMIKRON Innovation Award and the SEMIKRON Young Engineer Award for the first time ever at this year’s conference on Power Electronics PCIM in Nuremberg. Dirk Heidenreich, CEO of SEMIKRON International GmbH, and Prof. Dr. Leo Lorenz, President of the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE), will be presenting the awards at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, 8 May in the forum of the power electronics fair PCIM in Nuremberg.

The SEMIKRON Innovation Award merits outstanding project, product and service innovations, as well as innovative concepts in the area of power electronics in Europe. The SEMIKRON Foundation merits innovations with considerable potential to deliver social benefits, such as the improvement of energy efficiency, conservation of resources, sustainability and environmental protection.  

In future, these awards will be presented annually at the European power electronics fair held in Nuremberg, “PCIM Europe”. The award-winners are selected in conjunction with the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE). The award carries EUR 10,000 in prize money. The Foundation will also be awarding is the Young Engineer Award, which carries EUR 3,000 in prize money and goes to young engineers under the age of 30 for excellence in the area of power electronics. The criteria for the Young Engineer Award are the same as those for the SEMIKRON Innovation Award.  

The winners are chosen by an independent 5-man jury comprising well-known representatives from the areas of research and industry. Entrants may be individuals or entire development teams. Entries must include a description of the innovation and set down the social benefits the innovation will deliver.  

About the SEMIKRON Foundation:

The SEMIKRON Foundation was set up by shareholders of the SEMIKRON Group and went live on 4 December 2010. The daughters of long-term SEMIKRON shareholder and CEO Peter Martin, who passed away in 2008, are equal founders of the SEMIKRON Foundation. In establishing the foundation, these women, in their capacity as shareholders in a family-run medium-size industrial enterprise, want to live up to their social responsibility, doing their part for SEMIKRON’s Corporate Social Responsibility at the same time.

The charity and social activities of SEMIKRON shareholders, which were financed by the company’s profits for many years, will now be pooled and fostered within the scope of the SEMIKRON Foundation. One of the aims of the foundation is to continue and foster aid projects for children and people in need across the world within the framework of the Mali Martin Care e.V. charity set up by Peter Martin. In the past ten years, Mali Martin Care e.V. has put more then one million euro into aid and support projects for needy children and adolescents across the world, especially in Brazil (Centro Social and Lar do Menor projects). The SEMIKRON Foundation also promotes research projects and innovation in the area of power electronics.  

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