On 1 February 2021, SEMIKRON became a member of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW). This move went hand in hand with the appointment SEMIKRON CEO/CTO Karl-Heinz Gaubatz to the Economic Senate of the BVMW.

With a current membership of 55,000, the BVMW is Germany‘s largest, politically independent, cross-sectoral lobby for small and medium-sized businesses. Through its alliance with more than 30 partner associations, BVMW represents the shared interests of more than 900,000 members.

The BVMW aims to make businesses more competitive, pooling skills and experience to secure a stronger and more powerful position for SMEs in Germany. Its primary tasks include reducing the competitive disadvantages that SMEs have over major enterprises as well as correcting the imbalance between the economic significance of SMEs and the role SMEs play in shaping economic conditions.

BVMW members profit from active lobbying by the BVMW and its regional, national and international networks. Other benefits include knowledge transfer at BVMW events and exchange of experience with other SMEs. BVMW also functions as a platform for member businesses to network and create contacts.

SEMIKRON’s new membership in the BVMW goes hand in hand with the appointment SEMIKRON CEO/CTO Karl-Heinz Gaubatz to the Excellence Committee of the BVMW, the Economic Senate. The BVMW Economic Senate comprises some 230 leading business figures who are considered an excellent representation of the achievements of small and medium-sized businesses in Germany. The Economic Senate, whose owner-managed businesses account for around 98 billion euro in turnover each year as well as providing around 1.1 million jobs, is a well-respected body in both political and social spheres. 

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