SEMIKRON is one of Germany’s Top Digital Innovators. This is the outcome of a Germany-wide survey of digital innovations conducted by technology magazine CHIP. In the rankings for top innovators in the electronics industry, SEMIKRON did outstandingly well, taking an impressive 3rd place.

In its search for digital innovators of the year, CHIP shone a spotlight on digital patents, a key indicator of innovation. In fact, as CHIP explains, the number and quality of digital patent applications is a reflection of the rapidly advancing digital revolution. To properly assess patent value, the magazine looked beyond the mere number of patent applications, evaluating what are known as forward citations – in other words reference to the patent in other documents – alongside other factors.

In the electronics industry, a total of 39 companies made the list of top digital innovators. Ranking an impressive third out of 39, the biggest group in the survey, SEMIKRON is one of the leading German companies driving digital transformation in the electronics industry.

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