Proud of the past, inspired by the present, enthused for the future

Zhuhai, China, October 2015
2015 marks the 10th anniversary of SEMIKRON Zhuhai. The company was set up as a subsidiary company in China by its German-based parent company SEMIKRON who was founded in 1951.

SEMIKRON Zhuhai was started as a small company with less than 10 employees. Through the last 10 years, the company has evolved into a company with around 100 employees under a streamlined organizational structure with clearly defined functions and responsibilities. When the company was newly started in 2005, it only had one production line that produced SEMIPACK3. In 2007, the production scope was expanded to include SEMIPACK5 and capsules. A second production plant in Zhuhai was added to increase production capacity in 2009. In September of the same year, a SEMIKRON solution center was set up in Zhuhai, enabling SEMIKRON China to produce “made in China with German quality” stacks. Customers can also enjoy the benefits of customized designs, local technical support, fast deliveries and competitive pricing. In February 2012, the production line of SKiiP3 was successfully brought into SEMIKRON Zhuhai plant.

The first SEMIKRON China sales team was formed in 2006 with the setup of three new branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. To strengthen our customer service, the SEMIKRON China Failure Analysis Center (FAC) was set up in 2007. This was the very first FAC in the power semiconductor industry China. The application team was initially formed in Zhuhai. With an enlarging customer base, field application teams were formed in each SEMIKRON China branch in 2010. This enabled our teams to provide prompt on-site service to customers. To go with the trend of e-commerce, the SEMIKRON China online shop was set up in 2011 to provide online B2B power electronics ordering service and technical consultation.

“In the last ten years, we have achieved a lot and we are proud of it. We have built up a strong team in China who contributed to our company’s great success,” expressed Dr. David Yin, managing director of SEMIKRON Greater China. The role of SEMIKRON China is increasingly important for generating revenue to the SEMIKRON group.

To capture the different market potential at the right time, SEMIKRON China has recently formed specialty groups that specialize in different applications including renewable energy, electric vehicle, motor drive and power supply. Each specialty group consists of a team of seasoned sales and technical colleagues in the corresponding application. Moreover, in order to serve our customers more efficiently, SEMIKRON China has divided their sale team into three teams according to strategic customer classification. This new organizational structure will better allocate the company’s resources among the different groups of target customers and also help intensifying the teams’ professionalism.

For a company to succeed, people asset is indispensable. SEMIKRON China put strong emphasis on staff training. In the past 10 years, the company has provided many training courses to the staff in the subjects of products, technical, language, computer and management skill. Also, many staff have the opportunities to visit the SEMIKRON companies in the overseas where they can attend different kinds of training workshops. Through various training programs, they can upgrade their skills in various aspects.

To diversify our business network, SEMIKRON China works with business partners closely. We regularly review our distributors in order to ensure that we share the same vision, align goals, explore mutual benefits and maintain long-lasting partnership. To achieve continued success, we take care of our customers attentively and build rapport with them earnestly. Our teams strive to achieve the best solution in terms of product quality, technical know-how, pricing, delivery schedules and service for our customers. We want our customers to stay with us on a long-term basis. This year, we have won two awards from our customers, which are the “Best Supplier Award 2014-2015” from Goldwind and the “Best R&D Support Award” from Emerson. “The solid foundation built in the past 10 years has laid a strong platform that support us to further expand our customer base and to increase customer loyalty,” said Dr. Yin.

“We have an excellent team of diligent and smart people who has been the driving force of the company’s success. With the trust of our customers and the support of our business partners, we will continue to bring in more SEMIKRON’s leading-edge technology and products to our customers in China,” stated Dr. Yin. “While we are celebrating the remarkable 10th year milestone, we are also excited to embrace the coming of our next decade.”