The alternative to consolidated standard industrial packages for customers’ supply chain safety

Nürnberg, 10 May 2016
SEMITOP 2nd generation fulfils the SEMIKRON target to offer a safe supply chain to the customers. The new packages represent the SEMITOP platform’s natural evolution at the same high performance levels, set to offer the best footprint, a flexible architecture and high performing solutions at optimised system cost. Full compatibility with the existing standard industrial packages is ensured: modules with 12mm height, without baseplate, two lateral mounting screws coupled with a solderfree pin grid philosophy.

The latest Si and SiC chip technologies can be integrated so to offer a competitive platform. Thus able to address the power modules demanding environment where high performance, innovation and differentiation are the key winning factors. Thanks to a comprehensive portfolio with a large variety of configurations, SEMITOP E1 and E2 can address different markets like UPS, solar, motor drives, power supplies and the new emerging EV battery charger market.


SEMIKRON is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power modules and systems primarily in the medium output range (approx. 2 kW up to 10 MW). Our products are at the heart of modern energy efficient motor drives and industrial automation systems. Further application areas include power supplies, renewable energies (wind and solar power) and utility vehicles. SEMIKRON's innovative power electronic products enable our customers to develop smaller, more energy efficient power electronic systems. These systems in turn reduce the global energy demand.

SEMIKRON is a family owned business founded in 1951, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. Today the company has a staff of more than 2,900 people in 25 subsidiaries world-wide. This international network with production sites in Germany, Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Korea, Slovakia and the US ensures fast and comprehensive service for customers. By establishing the ONLINE SHOP in 2009, SEMIKRON increased its presence for customers. The SEMIKRON ONLINE SHOP offers 24-hour availability and world-wide access with multi-language sales and technical support.