SKHI 23/12 R


Part Number L5002371
Product Status In production
Housing Plug and Play
Switches Half Bridge
VCE 1200
IoutPEAK in A 8

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SEMIKRON (124x99)


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SKHI 23/12 R Features

  • SKHI 23/12 drives all SEMIKRON IGBTs with VCES up to 1200 V (VCE-monitoring adjusted from factory for 1200 V-IGBT)
  • Double driver circuit for medium power IGBTs, also as two independent single drivers
  • CMOS / TTL (HCMOS) compatible input buffers
  • Short circuit protection by VCE monitoring
  • Soft short circuit turn-off
  • Isolation due to transformers (no opto couplers)
  • Supply undervoltage monitoring (< 13 V)
  • Error memory / ouput signal (LOW or HIGH logic)
  • Driver interlock top / bottom
  • Internal isolated power supply

SKHI 23/12 R Target Applications

  • High frequency SMPS
  • Half and Full bridges
  • Three phase motor inverters
  • High power UPS

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