SKYPER 42 R/02 (Coated type)


Part Number L5054305
Product Status In production new
Housing Driver Core
Switches Half Bridge
VCE 1700
IoutPEAK in A 30

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SEMIKRON Driver Core Half Bridge


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SKYPER 42 R/02 (Coated type) Features

  • Two output channels
  • Integrated potential free power supply
  • Under voltage protection
  • Driver interlock top / bottom
  • Dynamic short circuit protection
  • Shut down input
  • Failure management
  • UL recognized, ROHS
  • IEC 60068-1 (climate) 40/085/56, no condensation and no dripping water permitted, non-corrosive, climate class 3K3 acc. EN60721

SKYPER 42 R/02 (Coated type) Target Applications

  • Driver for IGBT modules in bridge circuits in industrial application
  • DC bus voltage up to 1200V

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