SKiiP4 Parallel Board 2-fold F-Option


Part Number L5064206
Product Status In production
Housing SKiiP Utilities
Switches No switches
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SKiiP4 Parallel Board 2-fold F-Option Features

  • Driving 2 SKiiP4 in parallel for higher load current
  • The controller drives 2 SKiiP4 subsystems through one interface
  • Short pulse suppression and extension
  • Detection and handling of error signals from paralleled SKiiP4
  • Handling of analogue signals from paralleled SKiiP4
  • Supporting Diagnostic CAN Bus
  • Monitoring of internal generated supply voltages
  • F-Option board can be easily mounted
  • Can be mounted using M4 metal screws
  • Coated with varnish
  • Climate class acc. to IEC60721: 3K3
  • Protection level acc. to IEC 60529: IP00

SKiiP4 Parallel Board 2-fold F-Option Target Applications

  • Paralleling of 2 GB type SKiiP4
  • Using one controller for driving all paralleled SKiiP4

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