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SEMIKUBE® – Aircooled inverter up to 1500kVA

Following the solar trend to increase DC voltage, SEMIKUBE extends its range with a 1300A, 2-level inverter, able to operate up 1500V. Using state-of-the-art IntelliOff driving technology, the inverter provides safe operation under all conditions. The high robustness of the CAL diode against cosmic rays, gives a very low failure rate. Designed within the same footprint as standard size 3, the known benefits of the SEMIKUBE are present, to provide a fast and cost effective alternative to 3-level solutions.

SEMIKUBE® Key Features

  • 75kVA up to 1500kVA
  • Power density up to 5.7kVA/litre
  • Size 3 with new ASIC chipset
  • Increased SOA with multi switch modes
  • Drivers and current sensors
  • Forced air cooled platform
  • UL recognised
  • Flexible design

SEMIKUBE® Product Range

AC drive power converters

  • 3-phase diode/thyristor rectifier and 3-phase IGBT inverter
  • Brake chopper optional

Solar PV inverters

  • With IntelliOff

SEMIKUBE® at a glance

  • 4 sizes
  • Power assembly includes IGBTs, capacitor banks, drivers, current and temperature sensors

Pre-qualified platform

  • Complies with environmental standards (IEC 60721-3)
  • Automated electrical tests and 100% fully tested in production

Easy maintenance

  • DC connection via fast-mount clamps
  • Fast replacement time of 30mins
  • Power assembly weighs less than 30kg