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SEMITRANS® 10 – 500kW up to 1.5MW

SEMITRANS 10 is a robust industrial standard package with copper baseplate and screw terminals for power connections. The SEMITRANS 10 package provides a low-inductance design supporting a product range of 1000A and 1400A in the 1700V class. High availability is ensured due to multiple IGBT sources and SEMIKRON CAL diodes.

SEMITRANS® 10 Benefits

SEMITRANS 10 is based on an industry standard package making use of the latest silicon as well as the most recent packaging technology. This gives SEMITRANS 10 a big advantage with regard to reliability, especially thermal robustness as well as enhanced switching performance.

  • Robust industrial standard package
  • Competitive second source IGBT
  • Optimised low stray inductance design for safe operation with high DC link voltages
  • Unique low loss switching performance
  • Package architecture prepared for future high temperature chip generations

Direct Pressed Die Technology

SEMITRANS 10 is the first standard package introducing Direct Pressed Die (DPD) technology. DPD could increased the output power by more than 30% compared to the standard SEMITRANS 10 and this by sticking to the same IGBT & Diode technology.

  • Ultra Low Rth Design
  • Unreached Output Performance
  • Extended silicon real estate
  • Single AC Terminal allowing easy upgrade of existing stack designs
  • Superb switching characteristics by optimized flex layer design
  • More output power @ lower losses
  • PC  greater than 200.000 cycles @dT 110K
  • TC  greater than 1000 cycles @dT 165K

SEMITRANS® 10 Key Features

  • Fully compatible to industry standard
  • Half bridge topology
  • Current rating 1000A and 1400A
  • Enhanced switching performance
  • Isolated copper baseplate using DBC
  • Integrated gate resistors
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • High isolation voltage

SEMITRANS® 10 Applications

The proven package is designed for a broad range of applications such as regenerative inverters and power supplies requiring long service life and robustness by maintaining flexibility and scaling capabilities.

More output power with symmetric paralleling

SEMITRANS 10 together with SKYPER Prime have been optimised to provide outstanding performance, a multitude of features and sophisticated paralleling support.

  • Digital signal processing in the SKYPER Prime driver ensures stable switching and error characteristics over the entire temperature range
  • Stabilised positive and negative gate voltages for symmetric current sharing
  • Direct paralleling of error, sense and switching signals
  • Symmetric gate control with centralised signal distribution
  • Board to board solution eliminates costly cable and connector assemblies

Superior dynamic switching behaviour

  • Superior switching performance based on second source IGBT series in combination with Semikron CAL diodes
  • Significantly reduced switching losses compared to competition
  • Optimised internal bus bar ensures balanced load among the individual IGBTs and diodes

Future proof package materials

The package materials in SEMITRANS 10 have been optimised for high temperatures. This ensures stable and reliable operation with today’s chip generations supporting chip operating junction temperatures of 150°C and future chip technologies with maximum junction temperatures of up to 200°C enhancing the overall module power density beyond today’s limits.

Highly reliable low stray inductance design

  • Optimised bus bar design and DBC layout ensures low internal stray inductance

SEMITRANS® 10 Product Range & Portfolio

The SEMITRANS 10 is available in 1700V both in 1000A and 1400A in a common industrial standard package.

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