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SEMITRANS® 2 - 9 – 45kW up to 500kW

SEMITRANS is a robust industrial standard package with copper baseplate and screw terminals for power connections. The SEMITRANS package provides a low inductance design and can be used for inverters from 20kW to 500kW. The modules are available up to 900A and 1700V. Availability is assured with different IGBT sources and SEMIKRON CAL diodes. With a market experience of over 25 years the SEMITRANS package offers a well proven standard design.

SEMITRANS® 2 - 9 Benefits

  • Robust industrial standard package
  • Multiple IGBT sources
  • Large portfolio
  • Special housings with low inductance for safe operation with high DC-link voltages

SEMITRANS® 2 - 9 Key Features

  • Available in 600V, 1200V and 1700V
  • From 25A to 900A
  • Half-bridge, single switch, chopper, multilevel, sixpack and common emitter topologies
  • Insulated copper baseplate using DBC
  • Integrated gate resistor
  • High isolation voltage

SEMITRANS® 2 - 9 Applications

The proven package is designed for a broad range of applications such as regenerative inverters and power supplies. The long service life is ideally suited to ambitious applications such as AC drives, switched reluctance and DC motors.

SEMITRANS® 2 - 9 Product Range

The SEMITRANS family offers a broad range of topologies and power ranges. All standard voltage classes from 600V up to 1700V can be chosen. The current rating ranges from 25A up to 900A. The SEMITRANS package is available as half-bridge, chopper, single switch, multilevel, 6-pack and common emitter.

Large Portfolio

  • 25A - 900A, 6 housing sizes, different topologies.
  • A perfect fit for any application.
25A - 900A, 6 housing sizes, different topologies

Extended Series With Higher Current per Housing Size

New first high speed IGBT4 - 1200V modules in 34mm and 62mm housings in the market

  • For welding, solar, resonant inverter and medical applications
  • With optimised ultrafast CAL4F diode
  • Stronger types available due to increased current density of the chips
  • Available in well established packages
  • Reduced switching losses and saturation voltage

New types including 1700V IGBT chip dedicated for humid environment

  • SKM75GB17E4H16
  • SKM150GB17E4GH16
  • SKM300GB17E4H16
  • For MVI market
  • Improved reliability due to more robust IGBT chip design
Well proven SEMITRANS packages

Well proven SEMITRANS packages

  • Now with 30% more power
  • Low inductive design
  • Reliable mechanical package
  • Broad range of IGBT technologies