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SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit Shunt Benefits

Lately introduced SEMiX 3 press-fit package is now also available with a shunt resistor for current monitoring in the AC path. Including the current monitoring into the IGBT module reduces the inverter volume and decreases the system costs, as less material is in use. At the same time the FIT rate is enhanced, by reducing the number of necessary components in the inverter.

SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit Shunt Key Features

  • 17mm base plate IGBT module
  • Footprint and main connections identical to the module without shunt option
  • Shunt resistor is also equipped with press-fit contacts

SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit Shunt Applications

SEMiX is a flexible and application oriented module. Modern chip technology is integrated into IGBT modules which are used in a wide variety of applications, such as AC motor drives, switching power supplies and current source inverters. Other typical applications include uninterruptible power supplies, photo voltaic systems and the field of wind energy.

SEMiX® 3 Press-Fit Shunt Product Portfolio

Type designationTopologyVCES in VINOM in A
SEMiX453GB12E4IpHalf Bridge1200450
SEMiX603GB12E4IpHalf Bridge1200600
SEMiX453GB17E4IpHalf Bridge1700450


Press-fit Technology

The press-fit technology utilises press-fit pins to establish the module contacts to the printed circuit board. The basic principle is the bigger latitude of the press-in zone than of the PCB hole. By the press-in process a plastic deformation of the pin results, ensuring a gas-tight contact with low-ohmic resistance. Only small insertion forces are necessary with high holding forces at the same time.