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SEMiX® 5 – Up to 350kVA

SEMiX 5 is a compact baseplate module with optimised AC and DC screw connections. A gate driver may be assembled on the 17mm high module without solder thanks to the press-fit signal connections. With an enhanced internal layout and a housing material ready for high temperature operation, the SEMiX 5 is the perfect match for demanding applications.

SEMiX® 5 Benefits

With its comprehensive portfolio and its optimised design, the SEMiX5 is ideal for competitive and performing inverter architectures. The press fit contacts provide a fast and solderfree driver board assembly, increased reliability and reduced assembly cost. A special adapter board for easy gate drive implementation is available.

The internal chip layout is optimised for enhanced thermal performance, reducing operating temperatures and thus extending reliability. The housing features rugged moulded power terminals for superior mechanical stability. High performance copper bond connections from the power terminals to the DBC provide enhanced power cycling capability. Besides standard configurations, the SEMiX5 is open to customer specific topologies, addressing the market needs for innovation and differentiation. The combination of optimised module footprint, flexible architecture, and excellent mechanical stability, makes the SEMiX5 ideal for robust and compact inverters at optimised system cost.

SEMiX® 5 Key Features

  • Low stray inductance case
  • Superior dynamic performance
  • Solder-free assembly
  • Press-fit signal pins and screw power terminals
  • 17mm height
  • Baseplate solution
  • Reliable mechanical design
  • Robust housing for high temperatures
  • Optimised thermal performance
  • Competitive and wide product range
  • Common-collector horizontal leg (TNPC)
  • Flexible platform for custom design

SEMiX® 5 Applications

  • General purpose and servo drives
  • UPS and solar in 2- and 3-level topologies
  • Power supplies
  • Air conditioning

SEMiX® 5 Product Range

A large variety of configuration is provided within the SEMiX5 portfolio:

  • 3-level (NPC) and T-type 3-level (TNPC) up to 400A
  • 3-phase inverter configuration up to 300A
  • Buck-boost converter configuration up to 400A
  • Half controlled bridge rectifier up to 360A
  • Special configurations can be evaluated

Comprehensive 6-pack and 3-level Module Family with Enhanced Performance

Comprehensive portfolio for 2- and 3-level applications

  • 6-pack configurations 650V, 1200V, 1700V
  • 3-level configurations 650V up to 400A
  • T-type 3-level configurations both 650V/1200V and 1200V/1200V
  • Buck-boost converters
  • Double boost solutions possible for UPS and solar applications

Excellent thermal performance

  • Optimised heat spread architecture for optimal heat transfer
  • Enhanced thermal and electrical diode performance
  • Features optimised thermal performance for longer lifetime
  • Half controlled bridge rectifier

SEMiX® 5 Product Portfolio

Type designationTopologyVCES in V (H/NP*)INOM in A
SEMiX305 MLI 12E43-level1200300
SEMiX 205 MLI 12E43-level1200200
SEMiX155 MLI 12E43-level1200150
SEMiX 405 MLI 07E43-level650400
SEMiX 305 MLI 07E43-level650300
SEMiX 205 MLI 07E43-level650200
SEMiX 155 MLI 07E43-level650150
SEMiX 405 TMLI 12E4BT-type 3-level1200/650400
SEMiX 305 TMLI 12E4BT-type 3-level1200/650300
SEMiX 205 TMLI 12E4BT-type 3-level1200/650200
SEMiX 305 TMLI 12E4CT-type 3-level1200/1200300
SEMiX 205 TMLI 12E4CT-type 3-level1200/1200200
SEMiX 305 TMLI 17E4CT-type 3-level1700/1200300
SEMiX 205 TMLI 17E4CT-type 3-level1700/1200300
SEMiX 405 GARL 07E3Buck-boost converter650400
SEMiX 305 GARL 07E3Buck-boost converter650300
SEMiX 205 GARL 07E3Buck-boost converter650200
SEMiX 305 GD 07E46-pack650300
SEMiX 205 GD 12E46-pack1200200
SEMIX 155 GD 12T46-pack1200150
SEMiX 105 GD 12T46-pack1200100
SEMiX 155 GD 17E46-pack1700150
SEMiX 245 DH 16Half controlled bridge rectifier1600240
SEMiX 365 DH 16Half controlled bridge rectifier1600360

* Half-bridge/neutral point Leg : for T-Type 3-level only