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SKiM® 63/93 – 22kW up to 180kW

The most important feature for the automotive module is the reliability. Due to new thermal interface material with 20% improvement in thermal resistance and AlCu-bonded diodes with higher current load capacity the new SKiM-module can achieve an improvement of up to 23% with the same chip set and same lifetime or twice the power cycling capability in comparison to standard sinter modules!

SKiM® 63/93 Key Features

  • IGBT power module in 6-pack configuration with 3 separated half bridges – SkiM 63/93
  • Available in 600V, 1200V and 1700V and from 300A to 900A
  • In 1200V, 600A also available in buck/boost configuration
  • Solder-free design for highest durability
  • Design without baseplate
  • Solder-free mounting of the module and the driver PCB
  • Low inductive design thanks to symmetrical layout

SKiM® 63/93 Applications

The SKiM 63/93 is designed for applications that require high inverter reliability. First of all this applies, of course, to automotive applications such as electric powertrains in electric utility vehicles, heavy-duty construction machinery and tractors, or even provide leading edge performance in super sports and race cars.

SKiM® 63/93 Product Range

The SKiM 63/93 offers 3-phase inverter topologies at 600V, 1200V and 1700V. The power ranges from 20kW to 180kW with nominal currents of 300A to 900A. Modules in buck and boost configuration for 1200V, 600A complete the portfolio. Driver solutions are available as well as an optimised water cooler for fast and customer friendly evaluation. In addition, paralleling boards for a simple and powerful half-bridge configuration are also available.

SKiM 63 / SKiM 93
Portfoliow x d600V
SKiM 63114 x 160 mm2400A300A--
SKiM 63114 x 160 mm2600A---
SKiM 93
150 x 160 mm2900A450A600A420A

Advanced characteristics for higher transient currents

+23% improvement with same chip-set/lifetime

Twice the higher power cyclingcapability compared to standardsinter modules
  • Twice the higher power cycling capability compared to standard sinter modules
  • New thermal interface material -20% improvement in thermal resistance
  • AlCu-bonded diodes with higher current load capacity

Temperature cycling capability: 15 x higher

Temperature cycling capability: 15 x higher

Enhanced torque and reliability performances with same chip set/modul size

Al cladded Cu bond wires
  • Advanced diode bond: Al cladded Cu bond wires
  • Bonding with: standard bonding equipment, standard chip surface



Thermal paste for modules without baseplates
  • NEW: high performance thermal paste pre-applied

100% solder-free

Solder-free design for highest durability
  • Auxiliary contacts: Pressure contacted to DBC and PCB
  • Power terminals: Pressure contacted to DBC
  • Chip: Sintered to DBC , alu-bonded diodes
  • No base plate: Directly pressed to heat sink. Excellent thermal fl ow with only 25μm thermal paste thickness